I am in the process of moving stuff from an old computer to a new one-- and getting the devices to"talk" to each other-- but I may have lost some of your emails in the process. So if I haven't responded to a note, please re-send it. Once this gets set, it will be pretty cool. I have a real standing work station now,  with a desk top computer, instead of typing on my lap top at the kitchen counter. It may seem like nothing to you-- but trust me-- this is way better. And my first big project will be shaping up a novel I wrote so that ,hopefully, you can read it sometime soon-ish

Here's a poster my daughter JJ has in her classroom. She's preparing the first grade creative writers well. Now, I'm off to the radio for my weekly volunteer hosting shift on the country show Thursdays from 1-3. (You can listen from your computer, if you'd like.)


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