How Can You Miss Me If I Don't Go Away?

This is what my mornings looked like the last few days- Caroline and I traveled to Juneau to hang out with baby James and his mother and aunt, and I assure you that babies and small children and technology just don't mix very well. Instead of blogging we read board books and sorted blocks, and when James napped, Caroline and I got dressed. His naps went by quickly. The little prince had our full attention.

 Everything, it seems has gone by quickly. Today is James' mother's birthday. She is 32. Let that sink in a moment. Feeding James and reading to Caroline was like, as Yogi Berra said-- Deja-vu all over again, which I like. It all seems as if I'm still where I want to be, only I'm on more familiar territory, since I've been here before and know the drill. It's easier too, because I am not as anxious as I was when I was a young mother, and because I know that how it all works out may not have  a whole lot to do with my expectations. 

 A friend said something the other day I've been thinking a lot about. That when it comes to children- and  families and grandchildren-- when they are new, we imagine how the story will unfold. Of course we know "it's a myth" he said, that we have no real control, but we do it anyway. My story is a lucky one, and the older I get, the more I understand that, and am so very grateful. That's why I didn't email and blog while I was in Juneau. I know that "being in the moment" rather than planning it or analyzing it, is the best way to live happily ever after. (At least when I can. I am a writer and so have a compulsion to communicate.)


Anyway, it's time to go from babies to bull moose, which is a sentence you don't read every day. The Haines hunt opened yesterday, and Chip and I are headed up the river to moose camp for the long weekend (or less, if we actually get one, or are rained out-- there is a wicked storm that may come this way Saturday). 

If you are not hunting, I'd suggest attending the assembly candidates forum Thursday at 6pm in the Chilkat Center Lobby, and a weekend of writing workshops at the library with Melinda Moustakis, the first one is Friday 1-4 on people and place, then Friday night there is a reception featuring writers and musicians and snacks and literary fun, 6-8, there are two more workshops 1-4 Saturday and Sunday.

Also, Friday night 5-7 there is an art opening at the museum for Adrian Revenaugh and Rebecca Brewer's six week show.

Saturday night at 7:30 there is "Off, Off, Off Broadway" at the Chilkat Center featuring a variety of terrific local acts, refreshments, draw prizes and more. Tickets at the Babbling Book.



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