I live and write on Lingít Aaní, and gratefully acknowledge the past, present and future caretakers of this beautiful place, the Jilkaat Kwaan and Jilkoot Kwaan.

 Oh my, be careful out there– the rain and wind has made slick smooth ice everywhere, except I suppose the rink, which will take a few days to recover once the temperatures drop again (they say Sunday it’s supposed to be in the teens.) Folks have already taken a few spills, but today it’s even worse, so please where your grippers on the ice– but not on the floor. One friend stepped off the mat in her kitchen on the way to walk a dog, and down she went. He neck and shoulders are still sore. Metal cleats,  especially the wrapped wire treads, are has hazardous indoors as bare soles are outdoors. Another friend went down in the Post Office, and has the bruises to prove it, and when one poor older man’s grippers spun out from under him in the Pioneer Bar they called an ambulance because they thought he might have had a stroke, it stunned him so he stayed down a while. And you can’t just stay home–  Remember the parade is Saturday at 4, and then Gifts for Grubs thanks to the Uglys at the Legion, and Sunday’s Holly Jolly Follies at 4 in the Chilkat Center promise to be the best ever. I was even laughing at last night’s rehearsal –and I know the jokes. The Salvation Army ringer is out, collecting donations, at the grocery stores.  If you haven’t taken a header yet on the ice, maybe you should donate out of gratitude for your great good fortune. So, now I’m going to strap my grippers onto my boots to creep across the driveway to my car, and cruise very carefully down and up the icy road to the Post Office to mail a few Christmas packages. The question is when do I remove my grippers? Before I get out of the car, and take my chance on the ice? Or sitting on the floor in the Post Office entry? Could this be a stretch they teach in yoga? I don’t bend that way. Or do I keep them on the whole trip and risk wiping out indoors? If this is my biggest worry, I’m lucky. As Marnie said at Morning Muscles today, Happy Thursday!