I'm Playing Hooky Today

I'm riding my bike today with a friend on one last long ride before the Kluane to Chilkat on the 21st. I find rest is good for me, and that I tend to overdo things-- so today-- 10 days out, is a good one for a five hour ride. Plus it is cool, not too windy, and dry-ish. I don't think it will rain. I took a vitamin already. It's the kind for active seniors. Really. I paused when I bought them yesterday. The label said for active people over 50, well, my little sister is 52 today. Yesterday I had two of my four grandchildren over for the day, and will again tomorrow. Also, there is a fifth one on the way. So, I guess I am an active "senior." But I'd like to think 55 is the new 35. I mean, if I'm a senior why aren't I smarter? Braver? Calmer? When does that happen? I could find out the answer to that and many more hidden worries this week, since there will be a hypnotist at the Chilkat Center Thursday night at 8:00. But you know, I do not want to be hypnotized. Not in private, and especially not in public. Luckily, I have a planning commission meeting at 6:30, so will not be talked into attending the show.  (You can go though, and you should, it will be loads of fun, I'm sure, and if you want to volunteer for KHNS and help with the fund drive, you can even have supper before the show, at their 6:00pm pizza party down in the Chilkat Center basement. Perfect. ) Besides, I know there are plenty of people dying to be hypnotized, so I'd hate to take their place. And no one will be forced to say their age, or that they now need active senior vitamins. (Is this code for Geritol?) As organizer Sue Waterhouse told the newspaper, "It's not like people will be goaded into revealing their darkest secrets. They will do silly things like walk like a duck."  


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