It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas


It's finally snowing! It has been so rainy and inky dark that I missed my own driveway twice this week, and once, the turn off from Small Tracts to Mud Bay Road. (Luckily Greg has plenty of Christmas lights up so I turned around in his driveway.) The little kids winter concert was perfect-- full of carols and old songs and they sang one in German and another in Spanish, and played ukuleles too--

I don't know why I cried, but something about it was so familiar.  My granddaughters look like their mothers, and I have passed this way before, and it is winter and I am in it and so filled with gratitude (with a side of anxiety: am I ready? For what?) that I decided to type the grandchildren Christmas acrostic poems.

Why have I not thought of this before? I can't knit, my baking is limited to the basics. But I can write, and the typewriter allows me to handcraft the paper poems as gifts. I used their names vertically, with each letter as the beginning of  a word or sentence. Then I wrote a universal one for all the grandchildren using Merry Christmas.  I can't type well yet though,  and so I keep messing up and ran out of the good stationary and now I need to buy more for the final, pretty versions. 

(This is why the archetype of a writer requires crumpled up papers all over the floor by her desk.) 

Where was I?

Acrostic poems:


A ngel 

C ookies

R ising in the

O ven.

S weet wings and halos 

T o put on a plate, or in a tin, to pass around

I magine if every Christmas cookie contained some angel dust, or better yet, angel breath.

C onsider  the possibility. Consider the goodness in cookies, and in Christmas, and in you.


 Also, I wanted to tell you that the holiday parade begins at 4 on Saturday, and the Snow Dragon will be in it, and the Uglys are serving grub for gifts at the Legion afterward. Sunday evening it's the Holly Jolly Follies at the Chilkat Center, and the snow is supposed to take a break tomorrow and then fall all next week. 




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