It's Here-- Find the Good is Officially Out There!

Today is the publication date for Find the Good, which means it's for sale everywhere-- I hope. I also saw the audio book, they arrived at the Babbling Book store in Haines last week, but I haven't listened to myself yet. I'm not sure I can. It's weird to hear yourself, but you might prefer to be read to, and it's great for people who like to listen to books while commuting or gardening and who can't see well enough to read.  Also, please join me at the library tonight from 5-7 for the launch party, and I'll read you some of the stories in the book in person. (Here is an interview I did with Babbling Book owner Liz Heywood for the Northwest Book Lovers Site today.)

Yesterday, I began a walk when it was pouring-- and then the sun came out- and it was so magical I figured I'd pass along this postcard. (I wish I had the audio so you could hear all the shore birds and eagles...)

 The first bear poop of the season on the beach! Pearl knows someone else was here since last we walked...




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