It's So Nice to Be Home

It is so nice to be home in the land of comfortable chairs. (Of course, in Mexico who needs a chair?) I am thinking positive because I think I really could have stayed  south until spring. At the same time, it is spring here it seems-- sunny, very little snow-- mild. Strange, but a pleasant surprise. The best things about the trip? Sun, sand, warm ocean swimming, the food-- street tacos and avocados and pineapples-- and being in a small town where no one knows you is kind of nice, for a little while. Also, as much as I missed all the news of home, and family, and all of you, there is much to be said for a tech cleanse. Three-plus weeks offline was huge.  Also re-entry was so easy because I got to see all my daughters and and grandchildren and dogs and breathe the clear cold air on walk with a friend already-- and I got to hear my editor Tom say I can skip this week's obituary, "And stay in Margaritaville one more week."

Here's a postcard from the Jimmy Buffet song I've been living in:


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