I've Picked a Fine to Leave

The next two weeks are about the busiest and most of fun of the whole year in Haines, and I would feel worse for leaving, except, well, I'm going to London? The Olympics? The truth is, I really would rather stay home. I am a reluctant traveler, and the image of the anti-aircraft guns on London rooftops, the tale of yesterday's four hour bus rides from Heathrow-- for Olympic athletes no less-- have me a tad worried. I'm breathing deeply, and know that like every other time I leave home, as soon as I'm on the ferry to Juneau I'll be fine, and Grandma Joanne is so much fun, especially when she is in her element, which is the elite horse world. I just hope I can keep up with her. I am learning how to blog from iPad, and plan to. In the meantime, you need to know that the southeast Alaska regional Little League Tournament begins at the beautiful field at the fairgrounds in the sun (!) today at 2:45, with the women's choir singing the national anthem. The tourney continues through the weekend there are concessions up there and the games will be broadcast throughout the region. If that's not enough, Friday and Saturday night at 7 at the Chilkat Center,  Lynn Canal Community Players' summer youth theater  presents Treasure Island, and the Southeast Alaska State Fair begins next  week, July 26-29. Most exhibit entries are due Saturday and there is an all day work party at the grounds as well, you get a free day pass for helping, call the fair office at 766-2476.  The strawberries are ripening and the bears are strolling about, this morning I found these tracks inside the baby jogger tracks from yesterday morning when Caroline and I took the beach way home from town and picked some berries ourselves.

Below is a picture of Caroline and Pearl eating beach strawberries at the same place, my backyard, the day before, clearly she would have no problem knowing what to wear in case she meets the Queen in London, and Pearl is the only one in our family with a genuine English pedigree. I wish they could come with us.


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