Jalapenos on Pizza

It is not  a good idea to have jalapenos on pizza. We tried that last night and no one felt very good afterwards.  The baby, it seems, is the only one that didn't have indigestion. She's quite comfortable inside my daughter. The good news is that I have another daughter coming to Juneau on the ferry this evening to assist with the birth, and she is an EMT.
This morning I was looking out at the snow falling, gently, and the lights of Juneau across glassy Gastineau Channel and thought about other waits, for my own babies-- (Sarah was ten days late, JJ was a month late --we missed the conception date, clearly-- and we had to wait almost a year to adopt their youngest sister)-- but also for people leaving this world. I don't mean to be morbid, or weird, or even too philosophical, but my mother did not leave us in a hurry, or on schedule, and neither did my old neighbor. With both we waited and waited. We were told (just like this birth) that death could come at any time,  at any hour. And with both it took days, and in my mother's case, over a week. Also, there was a real sense of passing from one place to another. Now, it seems, the beginning of life is much the same. We are waiting for the baby to step out into our world from hers. She will come in her time, which is different than ours, and much closer, it seems, to the divine.


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