Jumping In

This coming week we will be hearing a lot from our ex-governor, The Woman I Will Not Name, and as one of my favorite political bloggers sort of put it, the only choices are 1. Finding an uninhabited tropical island (my first choice, but I've got four dogs and four chickens to care for and my husband is deer hunting and it has just snowed about a foot and someone has to shovel) or 2. Hold your nose and jump in.
This is an open invitation to Haines and Klukwan women who would like to see Oprah interview The Woman I Will Not Name, at 4PM Monday at my house. Bring snacks and adult beverages. This is not a tea party. Mt. Market coffee is always welcome.
Also, I would appreciate some guidance on the whole dish menu/guide thing. Most of my children are gone right now, and my husband controls the remote at our house and he is in Elfin Cove. I have never seen Oprah, but for you, I will find her in my TV. I know she'll be there at 4 Monday. Teacher Eliza promises a TV tutorial this weekend. 
And yes, it is okay to come if you are a fan of T.W.I.W.N.N. There's not much at stake these days except lots of money and she can have it if it makes her happy.  I watched the World Series with a Phillies fan. Some of my favorite people are Phillies fans. The Yankees won.
My only request is that you don't buy the book, wait until it's at the library, or if you must, buy it from the Babbling Book. That way some local good will come of this media blitz. Tom and Liz Heywood are very generous with things that are important to this community, from the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation to the Arts Council. I buy all my books there, usually by special order, and it is easier, and often cheaper, considering postage, than Amazon. 


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