Karen is the best of the US at the Olympics

Karen finished ninth today, and was the top American. The team had some trouble, to say the least, with the only other good round going to young Will Coleman, whose horse stopped at a jump yesterday on the cross country course and so they lost a bunch of points, but who rode wonderfully today in the packed Olympic stadium for a clear show jumping round. Karen had two clear rounds, in both the team and individual competitions— and she was just terrific. Suzanne, who owns part of her horse was also ecstatic. Afterward, there was a big party in the hospitality tent sponsored by the British hosts, who also toasted their silver medal winning team. Princess Anne was there with her daughter Zara, who hugged Grandma Joanne, who is now over the moon. (Actually she is napping before a typical London dinner- at about 9:00pm.) The Germans won and New Zealand was third. The individual gold went to German Michael Jung, silver to the a Swedish woman, Sara Algotsson Ostholt, whose sister is also on the team with her--  and third went to a German woman, Sandra Auffarth. That’s all for now, our little party is breaking up—we have to say goodbye to Suzanne (and haul her bags up the corner to the cab.)  



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