KHNS Survey Time

I just took the KHNS radio survey-- I love surveys-- especially opinion surveys. I even like those calls at dinnertime asking me about Alaska politics, which was why I was disappointed a few minutes ago when someone who called asking for my husband Chip, but called him "Phillip" and pronounced our last name as if it rhymes with blend,  said I could answer their five questions in his place, and the first question was my political affiliation (which is different than my husband's),  and I answered " Democratic " and the surveyor said "thank you very much" and hung up. So I filled out the KHNS one instead, and no, they do not ask about your politics or even how you feel about heli-ports. It's our community station, so if you listen, or don't and would if something were changed, go ahead and let them know how you feel. They're asking for your opinion because they care what you think--how nice is that? There are even spaces for comments outside the little boxes. So what are you waiting for? Fill it out right now before they change their mind. 

KHNS Survey.


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