That Kind of Week. (Lucky me.)

I fought with my forgotten Skype IDs and passwords for two days so I could talk with an interviewer in South Korea for ten minutes, entertained guests-- twice--, had a eulogy to write for John Schnabel (still working on it.. it's "due" by his memorial service at 4:00 pm tomorrow at Harriett Hall. The service will be short and sweet--and there will be food and the Fishpickers band will play for the party afterwards. The family hopes you will come), and a column is due for the Alaska Dispatch today by five. I have barely started it due to events beyond my control. If only a picture were worth 800 words this could be my column:

In the random thoughts department-- spring is here-- it was 65 yesterday-- and we have been cycling (though my toes are still cold, since it was 32 degrees this morning when we left) and the birds and animals are moving. This morning there were ravens and eagles flying to nests with building materials in their beaks, ducks and geese paddling in the river, a sapsucker drummed on the tin siding of the neighbor's woodshed, a coyote ran across the road, three moose waded in the swamp, and a pair of swans glided across a pond. The trees will leaf out any minute. One more thing-- did I mention the sunset the other night? I went to call Pearl in and stepped on the porch and saw this:

Honestly, what is there to say except thank you?


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