A Laptop Fast

My friend Bobbi used to take media-fasts, something I reminded all of us who keep compulsively clicking on all news about T.W.I.W.N.N. in my last Dispatch column. All I can say is thank goodness for Tiger Woods' angry wife for bumping her off the front pages.
This past week I was back at Duly Noted and there was a lot to report on- from college kids home for Thanksgiving, the Sharnbroich's son-in-law in Afghanistan and Doris's motor coach ride from Tulsa to Myrtle Beach, to Rod Weagant's painting in the Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine, the community-ed basket weaving class, and Joanne's happy Thanksgiving with her nieces and their families. (Read it all in the Chilkat Valley News). Did I mention Corrie Nash shot a nice black tail buck with a bow?
I also finished a novel. Not reading one, writing one. ( I love saying that.) Well, it is the best-first-draft at least and has been sent to friends for a critical read so I can fix it up some more-- and I wrote an Alaska Dispatch column ( they will be weekly now, on Saturdays.) My eyes hurt, and my two typing fingers have blisters. Plus I got two flu shots (H1N1, & seasonal flu-- and a tetanus shot) so my arms are sore, and Marnie tried to kill us in Morning Muscles this week. The 6 am class was so crowded that we barely fit in the Chilkat Center lobby, and I suspect that until a rec center is built this may be her way of thinning our herd. On the way home from the class yesterday morning my friend Debra and her dog Windsor and I walked in sparkling  morning moonlight around the Small Tracts Loop. The moon over the snowy mountains and the Chilkat Inlet commanded a few moments of adoration.  
Tonight is the Lighting of the Fort, up at Fort Seward. It begins around four, and our women's choir sings carols at five. Next Saturday is the Christmas Parade, with the snow dragon, and a community holiday musical, which the choir will again be singing in. If the clear cold weather holds we should all be skating by then. The greenhouse roof blew off in last week's wicked gales. Chip and I need to fix it today.
All if this is a long way of saying, I'm taking a little break from my computer for two days, so if you want to read more, go to the column in the Dispatch. Next week I'll add a few more book reviews to the school work page, and post part of an interview about my new book. (Not the novel, the one that actually has a publisher...)


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