Let it Snow...

Of course all anyone is talking about is the snow-- about a foot at our house-- and how could it have been such a surprise? My friend Leigh said she looked out the window and dropped her morning glass of water right on the floor. Even my very organized neighbor has garden hoses that are now buried. I spent an hour this morning shaking the leafy branches of my cherry trees, lilacs, dogwood bushes, Mt. Ash trees, and some of the fancier roses with a broom to save them from snapping.

I did make it the pool after shoveling out the state plow berm at the end of the driveway, and sort of skittered and spun up and over the hill to town. I figured if the lifeguard made it, then I had better, too. I'm pretty sure the snow caught the plow guys by surprise as well, since the parking lot hadn't been done yet, and all I could think of is young Will, who just took over from Ralph, and how this is his first big snow clearing day, and what a doozy, and how I hope everyone is kind- (Really, who is in such a hurry anyway? and it is so pretty...)-- especially those of us who couldn't find a shovel or the windshield scraper this morning in the dark. (Plus, Will is an Eagle Scout, so he'll do the best he can given the circumstances.)The guy who plows us out didn't have tire chains on the loader yet, so he can't come. Which is probably for the best since the gravel from the driveway would all end up in the grass. It's raining now, and the forecast is for warmer weather, so we are letting nature take her course.

 Here's a first significant snow fall postcard:




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