A Little Night Music

 Tonight the Haines  A'Capella Women's Choir (HAWC with a hard C) will be rehearsing at the new Haines Assisted Living home (HAL)  from 6:00-7:00. (Click the link for the Dec.16 KHNS feature to hear more.) This would be a nice time to enjoy a sort of impromptu concert, to meet us, and to visit with HAL residents and staff. We may not be HAWC for long. Our director Nancy Nash thinks we are ready for a proper name. She and I discussed this Monday morning over Episcopal coffee ( Dwight, her husband, makes the coffee for the fellowship time after the service and brings home the leftovers. He also makes the wine for communion, but that's another story--) And Catholic cookies (from the annual Sacred Heart Catholic Churchwomen's cookies by the pound sale) at Nancy's historic little house overlooking Portage Cove. She wanted to show me the new downstairs bedroom Dwight built to use when they grow too old for the stairs. It's very nice and has the original window frame on what is now part of a back wall. Nancy hung a mostly blue painting depicting a scene of boating angels from Dante's Inferno in it.  Anyway, Nancy floated the idea of calling the choir  Women In Tune (WIT) since we are all so in tune literally, and she said, spiritually. Not in the religious sense, but in the women together singing for joy sense. There's that, and as the song from West Side Story which we also sing, goes, we are "pretty, witty and bright" too. Or maybe that's pretty witty and bright.


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