To Live's to Fly

Brian Doyle says that religion, and religious practice-- like attending a specific church say-- is the boat believers and seekers choose to carry us over the sea of faith. It's harder to swim that alone, and even more challenging to do it without any kind of map or compass. I know that's true for me and my prefered boat is the Episcopal church, and today the current, and only the 8th Bishop of Alaska, the Right Reverend Mark Lattime ( we simply call him 'Mark, our bishop' in prayers for him at Sunday services, so I had to look up his last name) is in Haines, and will lead a communion service tomorrow morning at 10:30 in the Chilkat Center lobby, and of course you are invited. I'm watching the weather now, as we are supposed to have a potluck picnic at the church property at 1-mile at 5pm, which I think will happen still. (You are welcome to come for that, too.)

Here's something else that I wanted to tell you about faith. Today there is an open house at the Rainbow Glacier Presbyterian church camp and this morning I received an email from the Hospice of Haines volunteer coordinator. She invited volunteers to the camp open house to see two of our elderly "bridge" clients-- the people who aren't in hospice care, but like some company, or help with the chores, or a ride to the Post Office-- anyway, two elderly ladies, one who is over 90, will be there today and plan to try the camp's  zip-line.

You know, I've had this one song in my head all week by Townes Van Zandt- "To Live's to Fly". He  sings "to live's to fly, both low and high. Shake the dust off of your wings and wipe the sleep out of your eyes." Which is as good a sermon as any I've heard.  




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