Locker Room Talk

In the women's locker room at the pool this morning at 6:30 there was, as usual, not a whole lot of talk, but enough to make a person feel better for rising early, scraping the frost off the car for the first time this fall, and taking the plunge for a few laps. There is a  kind of fellowship among we early bird swimmers and the aqua aerobics class that begins as our session ends. There were a few comments about the presidential debates, but not many. We are women, so didn't need to say a whole lot about the weekend's events except "ick." Even Lisa Murkowski said she can't support that creep. My sister said that watching TV, reading the news, and even listening to NPR is not be good for her heart so she is taking a media fast until after election day.

The chatter went high rather than low, and we agreed that the fund raiser for Song Nash's medical bills was a success on many levels. "Did you hear how much was raised?" "Close to 20,000 dollars, right?" "Yes. Unbelievable!" The salmon dinner sponsored by Haines Packing Co. was great, and the auction items were practical and beautiful and in some cases both-- Leslee Downer's mariner's compass quilt went for I think 860 dollars? (Or maybe 875?.. a lot..) in a spirited bidding war between a gillnetter captain, a cruise ship pilot, and the quilter's husband, also a fishermen. The entertainment was really fun too-- a take off on those Iron Chef contests, with six teams being handed a whole coho salmon, salt & vinegar Pringles, arugula, a grapefruit, blueberries, and a chocolate bar and told to make a meal. They had a skillet and a grill, and could also bring anything they may need. Anne Marie Fossman and her grand daughter Nora won for salmon pizzas. But it all looked really good, and the judges said it tasted great, too. Song, who is also a chef, would have been pleased with the results. He has advanced stomach cancer and is undergoing treatments in Seattle. The locker room talk about that was lofty and hope filled:  "I wish that all the goodwill and prayers in that hall will cure him." "Wouldn't that be wonderful?" "It's possible. Stranger things have happened." "Keep praying."

In other health news, there are flu shots at the clinic today, and the sunny skies are supposed to last another week, so gather the vitamin D while you may. Frost is on the seaweed, and the days are growing shorter. 






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