Lucky and Blessed

This morning I woke up to the windy wet in Juneau in my daughter's guest room. I listened to the sounds of the morning household in the dark-- a baby cried and was soothed, a toddler greeted the day with happy riddles that sounded like he was speaking Thai, and then the radio news, the coffee grinding-- and I thought all is right with this little world at least, so I need to still my beating heart.

I get a bit of travel anxiety.

 I had two valium for this, just in case, that I haven't needed it in several trips over the last two years-- go figure-- even Italy -- and then when the dog had her seizures last summer, the vet on the help hotline from Juneau said we could give her valium, and I surprised everyone when they learned I had two-- but now I don't have any. (Which may be a good thing. If I had a prescription, I might sedate myself for assembly meetings. Read all about the last one in these several stories from KHNS.) I'm getting out of Dodge, and grateful that I can. I'll will be out of contact until the 22nd or 23rd...

Oh, and if you are thinking Friday the Thirteenth is an auspicious day to fly away on, not so-- as this is a very lucky day in our family-- the 5th wedding anniversary of our youngest daughter and her fine husband. 


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