Memorial for Richard Boyce set for July 12

The Boyce family has scheduled a memorial & potluck for Richard at the Ft. Seward Parade Grounds next Thursday (July 12) beginning at 4 PM. Bring a dish to share and a story to tell after the eulogy. They have scheduled the event after the weekly gillnet opening so the fleet could be here, so please pass the word on to your fishing friends before they leave. Randa Syzmanski is in charge of the potluck, so call her if you have questions. Also, the Richard Boyce Inflatable Suspender Memorial Fund is growing rapidly on-line and at the Haines bank, and the mailbox (PO Box 418, Haines AK 99827) is no doubt filling up. The inflatable suspenders cost about 150 dollars a pair, and they figure on buying them in Dick's memory for every fisherman in the fleet, or about 20,000 dollars worth. Sure, the commercial fishermen (and many recreational or subsistence fisherman) could buy them on their own, and some will, but this  a great way to remember Dick, and give the people we love a nudge in a safe direction. 




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