Monday Morning Gift

"The world changes. The ground shifts. We still make plans. We still find gifts." ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

Here's what you need to know this week:

Earth Week kicked off with all kinds of fun stuff Saturday from the start of the annual community spring clean-up to Heavy Equipment Day at the Fairgrounds. Bea Johnson gave a presentation on zero waste and the local challenge to make that a reality continues. Also, trash bags for the clean-up may be picked up at the Borough office, the Chamber office, the library, and the Visitor center. The road crews are sweeping the streets too, and the Haines Highway construction has begun with flaggers around 13 mile and the first cruise ship of the season arrives Friday. 

The Borough budget meetings begin tomorrow night at 6:30, the school advisory committee meets at 4:45 tomorrow. Wednesday the EMS symposium begins and continues until Sunday. There is a water quality information meeting sponsored by the mining forum group at 6-8:30 Weds in the ANB Hall.  Thursday at 7 there is the last Rivertalk of the season," Peak Experiences: Exhilarating Moments at Any Altitude."  Friday, the Episcopal Deanery of Southeast AK begins a three day convocation in Haines. Also, Friday from 5-7 is the Splash-O-Rama at the pool featuring refreshments, free swimming, and at 5 the mayor will give Luck Dunbar an award for his efforts to help the other passengers swim ashore in last summer's plane crash in Auke Bay. Saturday from 10-noon there is the final Earth week celebration featuring composting and more, and from 1-3 Head Start has an open house and will be giving away free books from the Children's Reading Foundation.

That's a lot isn't it?

I still have to clean the chicken coop, rake winter out of the yard, and write wonderful, brilliant sections of my new book. (I am so glad that no one has died this week, but I'm a little afraid to say that, since if I do, someone might.)

 In church yesterday, Mother Jan gave one of her love each other sermons that always make me want to wave my arms and sing "Amen sister."  (Except that I am an Episcopalian and so it's almost genetically impossible to do in public. And I only say "almost" because maybe there are Anglicans who can do this, I just don't know any.) It was in response to the terrible news about decades of abuse by a former school superintendent. We are all reeling still. She printed a copy of the benediction she chose, and said to tape to the fridge:

 "Life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us, so be swift to love, make haste to be kind, and go in peace to love and serve the Lord."



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