Monday Morning News

I've been humming that song by Nanci Griffith, the one about just another morning miracle. For starters the fire was still going this morning, and I made it to the pool to swim. I met the new public health nurse, Bridget from Montana, and she said I can come in for a flu shot this week, but to call first as she's going to Skagway sometime this week, and that they cost 27 dollars and some change. 766-3300 is the number, and she's there 8-4:30, except lunchtime. 

The news is that two cars were stolen this weekend and Julie Vance's was wrecked on the highway. ( You would think the driver would be pretty banged up and easy to spot and that someone must have been nearby and given him or her a ride back to town.) The police are seeking help from anyone who might know who it is. Sounds like it is time for Haines to have a ladies detective agency. For now, anyway, take the keys out of the car.

There are lot of sleepy people thanks to the Northern Lights, but last night at least was cloudy so there was a break in the sky gazing. The roads and sidewalks are slick this morning, with a frost and some flurries last night, but it looks like they are spraying the roads with some kind of de-icer--  watch your step, especially on decks and stairways.

Tonight at 7 there's a presentation on a local mountain goat study at 7 in the Chilkat Center lobby, tomorrow it's a concert at the Center, Maria in the Shower, a high energy blues duo. Wednesday at 7 the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation gives out this year's batch of grants to non-profits, Thursday (I know, right? So much to do...) it's Rivertalk, a fun night of seven seven minute stories of home and Thanksgiving-- in the Chilkat Center too, it's a cafe kind of scene with food and drinks and informal entertainment. Then, Saturday is the first holiday bazaar! Yikes. The Women's Club's annual event from 1--2 in the school. Smile. It's another Monday morning and you are up and at 'em.




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