Chip, my ever low key husband, who does not, as I do, love a good party, except with his family which he argues is plenty (and he has a point, there are enough of us that we are a crowd.. five kids, plus four terrific sons-in-laws, and five grandchildren.. not to mention the Haines cousins in the Lynch and Smith families.. I can't even keep up to date with family pictures we are growing so fast. (this is last year, I think?) Grand-baby number six is due before Christmas!) Still, Chip turned 60 yesterday, and his business, Lutak Lumber, is 30 years old this year. So, in a quiet (he sort of knows but we haven't broadcasted it until now) way, or he'd say 'No'-- the kids are cooking hotdogs at the lumberyard from 11-2 or so (or until they run out) there are drinks as well, so come by for lunch on us, and wish Chip and the wonderful crew at Lutak Lumber happy birthday (and many more!)


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