Monday's Post Card of a Windy Sunday

The ferry from Juneau was canceled, so all the swim meet kids and the junior high basketball tournament kids are still here until today's ferry. James and his mother decided to stay until tomorrow's quieter, less crowded boat, when all three of us will head down to Juneau together. I am recording my new book there. Find the Good will be my first book on tape, I'm hoping it is so terrific that I can do the other two. (We'll see...) I had to audition to read my own words, but I got the part, which inspired me to try out for Dancing at Lughnasa. Now, I'm a little worried that I may read my book with an Irish accent.  

Anyway, so yesterday before the Superbowl I walked and practiced Kate's lines, I have them recorded to my phone, and the headphones actually kept my ears perfectly warm even in 55 knot winds. I also took some pictures of what storm force winds look like.  ( As to the game, Chip, who was born in Concord Mass. but now cheers for the Seahawks, owes his sister Karen, a diehard Patriot's fan, a hundred bucks.)



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