Morning Muscles

I woke up at five fifteen, looked out the window at the snow,  pulled on snow pants, boots and a coat over my pajamas, turned the coffee on and went outside  in the white dark and shoveled my way to the car and then swept the snow off, started it, and scraped and brushed the windows clear before wading  up the driveway to the road to see if the snow was too deep for the Subaru.  The road had been plowed yesterday,and so had my driveway, so the new snow was manageable. Good thing, because I didn't want to miss my Morning Muscles exercise class.
If my husband were here he would say, "you know, you could just shovel the driveway, that would get your heart rate up." Instead, I joined seventeen other women who all had done more or less the same thing to get to the Wise Woman fitness class in the Chilkat Center lobby. ( Well, three walked, they live in the Chilkat Center neighborhood). We huffed and puffed and groaned and did crunches and lunges and curls while the Borough and State snow plows rumbled down the roads and the private front-end loaders, tire chains rattling, bounced along from driveway to driveway, scooping up the snow.
On mornings like this one, even Wise Women leave a pretty big carbon footprint, don't we? 


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