On My Way to Juneau

Stoli thinks the baby may be coming "soon-ish", and since she's already 1/3 of the way there, I figure I better head down to Juneau soon-ish too, plus it will be nice to spend the weekend with three of my girls.  Of course I had hoped to be at the first choir practice of the season tonight (6-7 at the museum), invited friends for dinner Friday, figured the White Fang showing and chat would be fun (Saturday at 5:00 at the Chilkat Center) and volunteered for the cross country meet (Saturday 1:30 at the Fairgrounds, call Tiana at 766-6700 if you can help.) The best way to make sure a baby arrives is to make other plans, right? Right now the plan is to take the ferry this evening, and I'm sticking to it, unless  Stoli calls before then. I will keep you posted. 



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