New Column is Up

 This week's column is up at the Alaska Dispatch. They are posted every Friday night. It is a busy day today, we are off to skate at 11 mile ( I will wear a helmet) find a Christmas tree somewhere up on the ledges out there, stop in at the museum open house, hopefully catch the puppet show at three at the Klondike, (If you have little ones, Mrs. Claus is reading stories and singing carols at the library at 3:30) the parade begins at 4:30 ( the snow dragon will be there)-- then it's dinner at the Legion and finally the nativity play and handbell and choir concert at the Chilkat Center at 7:00. 
Here is a joke from J.J. ( She was, you may recall, on Prairie Home Companion's Joke show, years ago, with this one: How do you introduce a hamburger? Meat Patty.)
Here is her latest: If athletes get athlete's foot, what do astronauts get? Missile toe.


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