LeConte Lock Out

Yesterday at lunchtime coyotes ran through the neighborhood. My husband saw one standing in a driveway on Cemetery Hill and the pack run down by River Road. Be careful with pets. I didn't see the coyotes because I was on the ferry. All day.  I had been in Juneau judging the state Poetry Out Loud finals. The LeConte left Juneau at 7:00 am and arrived in Haines about 2:30 ( we went to Skagway first.) Since I had a car, I was on board by 6:00.  Did you know that the LeConte is named for the LeConte glacier - the southernmost tidewater glacier in North America- it is down by Petersburg, and the glacier was named for professor Joe LeConte of U.C. Berkeley? He was born on a Georgia plantation, fought for the south in the Civil War  but left the southeast and headed west with his brother afterwards. (His brother became the president of  Berkeley.) LeConte was a geologist who spent  a lot of time in the Sierras, but none in Alaska. Like I said, it was a long ferry ride with plenty of time to read. And write. I'm working on that novel and typed away in the forward lounge for about six hours straight.
Nature put on a show in Taiya Inlet at about the same time my husband saw the coyotes. It was calm and gray and empty the way it is in the winter, when we saw the  flock of gulls calling and diving. There was an eagle too, swooping low over the splashes in the water.  It has been mild, but not mild enough for eulachon, I don't think. A closer look revealed a sea lion with a fish in his mouth. He was teasing the birds. He kind of shook that fish right in front of the eagle, and when the eagle tried to grab it the sea lion dove. Then he'd pop up again and shake the fish again. It drove the eagle batty. They played this game this until we cruised out of sight. 
The other reason you haven't heard from me is that I was locked out of the blog. I'm really sorry if you've been wondering if I got hit by a truck again.  Also, a little time apart can be a good thing. As my husband says ( or sings, it is a Dan Hicks' tune) "How can I miss you when you won't go away?" My trouble is I forget the user names and passwords and all that security stuff and then can't get in here to say hello. Thank goodness for my neighbor James. I have a column due today-- and better get to it. As  JJ's blog so eloquently noted, I am sitting in front of my computer screen with a cup of coffee and nothing to say. (Or at least nothing that should be printed in the Alaska Dispatch.) The crazy thing is, it happens to me every single week, and has for years.  And yes, I know it is easy to fix. As my UAA student daughter Stoli says, "you have all week, why wait until the last minute?" 


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