Tsunami News

My neighbor Betty didn't call early this morning when her weather radio tsunami warning alarm went off, since it didn't sound like we would get one,  at least not right away, and she knows I like to sleep until seven on Saturdays and then listen to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on KHNS (It's on now. With no local word on any tsunami advisory.) Betty and I did just chat a minute ago about the big earthquake in Chile last night,  a preliminary 8.8, which Betty said the news people said is 500 times the strength of the Haiti quake. The large papers say tsunami warnings are posted for the entire Pacific rim. The big question is will we get a tsunami? I'm not sure. It is hard to find out anything. I have been all around the web a few times and this is the most helpful site. (Read it and tell me if you can figure out if we should go to higher ground.) There is nothing on the NOAA zone forecasts. My local NOAA weather radio (hear it at 766-2727) says there is a tsunami advisory  posted for coastal southeast from Ketchikan to Yakutat and that waves may be hazardous to beach goers, boats, and coastal structures. It doesn't say how big they might be. I am assuming that since no alarm bells are sounding we are in the clear, and that since  Haines and Skagway aren't mentioned, and because we are so far up the fjord and not out on the coast, that we are safe.  The report does say that the larger than normal wave may reach Yakutat at 4:19 and Juneau at 4:35 this afternoon. Low tide is at about 6:00. The good news is that we have all day to find out if we need to go to higher ground. (The bad news is it may take that long.)


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