Technical Difficulties

Yes, I will blog again, but it may take a day or two until I can write more than a few lines. I am having some trouble with my computer. The battery and power cord aren't working properly. (I am at 20% right now.) Bad sign. The good news is that I got the draft of the first half of the new book off to my editor at Algonquin before the screen went dark, and that Chip's sister Karen O'Connor made the US Olympic Equestrian team today so I may be heading to London with Grandma Joanne to watch her ride. (We'll look for Granny.) It is also a good thing that Grandma Joanne is here instead of Virginia right now, since it is hot-hot there, but much cooler here.  About 53 degrees. Speaking of 53, I rode 53 miles on my bike to celebrate my 53rd birthday. In other news briefs, my beach dog walking friend found not one, but several ticks on her dogs recently (really) and they have not left Haines in years, the Chilkat River has dropped, and Tlingit Park is all mowed and trimmed and ready for the 4th of July picnic and games following Wednesday's parade. I'm in the red zone now, so time to sign off.


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