We watched the movie Limbo last night, the one filmed in Juneau and directed by John Sayles. I had never seen it. But I did see some folks I recognized. Like the Haines Harbormaster and a Haines Volunteer Fireman... and remember the woman who played Mother Superior in Nunsense? She had a speaking part. Most of the movie was on an island where it didn't rain as much as it should have, and it didn't really make any sense. I guess the island was supposed represent Limbo, a place between heaven and hell? It didn't work for me. This morning I filed my PFD on-line (You only have until the end of March, so do it soon if you haven't)  and that felt a lot more like Limbo. I did donate to charitable causes, but after a few angry minutes talking to my computer I finally figured out it was easier to use the statewide list of charities than the southeast Alaska ones to give to the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation, Hospice of Haines, and the the Friends of the Haines Borough Public Library. It is fun giving away money I wouldn't have otherwise. So, even though the on-line application can seem a little like hell, using a chunk of the PFD to make life better in Haines is a kind of heaven. PFD Limbo is better than the movie, and if you want to see the Haines guys, they are in the opening wedding scene, so you won't have to watch the rest.


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