Beautiful People

 The visiting Ahn Trio, twins Lucia and Maria, and their sister  Angella watched the Academy Awards last night at our house with the same interest we had watched the weekend high school basketball games from Sitka. (We are a little depressed that the girls lost by one point to Mt. Edgecumbe for third place. But happy they made it that far, and that at least their coach is a Haines guy-- our friend Carl Blackhurst.) The Ahn Trio had seen the movies and knew the actors and the presenters, or at least who they were. The  women were at our house for an Arts Council potluck. Chip grilled moose steaks. They loved them. Angella lives in Bozeman, so she'd eaten elk and antelope before, but the twins are still New Yorkers. They were born in Seoul, raised in New Jersey, and went to Julliard. So when I  asked  Angella why Bozeman, she said " a guy" and then, "when my sisters came to see us, they were there about a day when they said ' you must really like him.'" By the time Angella, Maria and Lucia  headed back to the Captain's Choice Motel we were friends, and we all got hugs and kisses all around as they went out the door. After receiving pecks on both cheeks from all three of the lovely women, Chip said "only 21 to go."  After they were gone he explained that he had just been kissed by three of People Magazine's fifty most beautiful celebrities (The Trio made the list) and there were now 21 more to go. "47" I said. Then he said "half must be guys right?" Anyway, go to the concert tonight. I have heard that they are great musicians. But I know that are really neat women.


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