First Light

 Marnie looked out the big windows of the Chilkat Center and said " let's hope the Coast Guard is on its way" as we finished Morning Muscles today at 7 am.  Only half a dozen of us were there, probably because of  the big storm yesterday and last night.  The same storm turned back rescue crews trying to pick up a stranded Skagway hiker, (or maybe, I heard at the concert last night, a kite skier) out near the Meade Glacier between Haines and Skagway. He has had no food for a few days and is cold.  The Coast Guard had to turn around in the blizzard yesterday afternoon and promised to try again at first light. Last night was a bad night to be out in the weather, it was wet and warmer, near 40, but fierce winds shook our house to the rafters. Each one felt like a little earthquake. I can't imagine what it's like at 4,300 feet on mountain. (The top of Mt. Ripinsky is 3,600 feet, to give you an idea where he is.) It's still blowing hard, but looks clearer, although the mountain tops are socked in. Let's hope he's okay. You can read the details that the newspapers have,  here.


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