Going to London to see the Queen (and Granny?)

I just booked an hour at the beauty salon for next week, so that I can gussie up some for my trip to London and the Olympics. (We leave the 19th for Virginia and then onto London on the 24th, to have a few days to acclimate before the opening ceremonies on the 27th, and then equestrian events, featuring our reason for going, my sister-in-law Karen O'Connor, begin the 28th.) The big news at our house today is that it turns out Karen is the oldest US Olympian. "Well, but how old is she?" Pam asked at Morning Muscles today. When I said "54" she was impressed. "I thought you'd say 24," she said. When she heard of Karen's distinction, Grandma Joanne, Karen's mom, whom I'm traveling to London with, looked up from her coffee and said, "Does that mean at 80 I'll be the oldest parent there?" At which point she decided she better have her hair touched up, and so I got on the phone and made us both appointments. It all seems a little surreal, to be here in Haines, canning smoked salmon and doing rubber glove chores, Grandma Joanne is cleaning the pantry so I can put the new jars in it safely, and she has already mucked out and organized the fridge, thank goodness-- all the while making plans to travel to London to be sort of white-gloved insiders in the Queen's favorite Olympic event. (Her granddaughter will be competing for the British equestrian team against Karen and the Americans. Karen's husband David coaches the Canadian team.) Also, I'll be on the lookout for Granny who is there ministering to the homeless there in her bright yellow batting helmet and catcher's knee pads. Granny won't be in the VIP seats, when she left she said she planned to stake out a place under a bridge somewhere.  It is nice that Granny's dog is with the Boyce family while she is away. She is a good old dog, smart and gentle, and such a comfort. Richard's memorial begins at 4 today, and in the wheel of life rolls on department, don't forget that tomorrow evening at 6:30 there is a fundraiser for the Chilkat Center for the Arts, featuring light hearted entertainment, including a funny skit starring Speed Bump Dave, and a performance by the women's choir.



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