Update on Meade Rescue

 I figure since I told you someone was  stuck in the mountains between Haines and Skagway and needing help, I better let you know what is up-- Skagway News is a good source for the complete story, as will be the Chilkat Valley News in a couple of days-- Also, the Juneau Empire should have an update this evening. But in the meantime, here's what's going on as far as I can tell: the 28 year old Skagway tour guide is apparently still up near the Meade Glacier. Rescue attempts have been made most of the day today, but the weather is very bad up in there. I talked to pilot Drake Olson who said he's been trying to fly in all day, but could only get within 2 miles of the stranded hiker. He doubts he could land, because the conditions are too dangerous. "It's damn difficult" he said. He was hoping to drop the hungry hiker some food and gear but he wasn't able to. The Coast Guard helicopter rescue crew wasn't successful either, and was unable to get any closer than he could before turning back, Drake said. 


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