A Vote for the Suits

The few who voted in Tuesday's primary voted for the oil company suits, not the coastal residents, which is too bad. The issue is not over, as the legislature will try to re-institute Alaska's coastal zone management plan this winter. I knew we were in trouble when I saw my ballot-- the coastal zone proposition was a full page long. It was like reading the manual for my new solar powered hand crank radio. Way to much information. Hopefully, it can be simplified and put back in place. Also, Amanda Coyne has written a welcome detailed and enlightening article on what Alaskans (and I suppose all of us, really) can expect to be hearing, reading, and watching in the weeks before the election now that corporations are people and a gazillion dollars will buy you a lot more votes than thinking people would believe.  Read it at the Dispatch if you'd like. There was a frost warning last night, and I suspect there was some, somewhere nearby as it was pretty chilly this morning on the bike. We are losing six minutes of daylight a day, as well, which is noticeable for we morning riders. Our sun has become shade. I have been busier than a person ought to be trying to figure out if the critter in my wood shed is really a woodchuck or a long distance running marmot who trotted down from the Yukon. He looks like a brown guinea pig with a short tail and no ears (or very tiny ones) and seems to have become fond of the hens and especially their grainy feed. Here are a few things to put on your calendar-- today at 2:00 Lani Hotch is talking about subsistence living in the Chilkat Valley at the library, tomorrow evening from 5-7 is the grand opening of Tresham Gregg's art show at the museum. Saturday there is a Farmer's Market at the fairgrounds 10-12 and golf tournament at 10 (it is a 4 person scramble). Speaking of golf, it is once again a bluebird links kind of day, and tonight the women golfers are hosting a fun round and a potluck beginning at 5. Jenny Lyn says all past, present, and future golfers are invited (there is a small fee if you don't have a season pass) as she is hoping to get a women's league started. I have heard that golf is a good walk spoiled -- but I kind of like whacking a ball in front of me as a walk out on those river flats. Yesterday I only lost three, my best round yet. Honestly, it is way better than crawling around in the shed and coop trying to take a picture of a rodent. 



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