A Little News for Thursday

There's a lot going on, with play rehearsal's in full swing for Oklahoma! ( Luckily everyone is moving around a lot, as there is no heat in the Chilkat Center and it may be a while until the new boiler is installed), the cross-country team is training and racing, moose hunting season begins Saturday at dawn, and election season is in full swing. There is a candidate's forum tonight at 7 at the museum sponsored by We the People. Also tonight at the school there is an anti-bullying presentation called Rachel's Challenge, based on the life and writing of a girl that was killed in the Columbine school shooting. In the not really news but noteworthy department, we counted eight bears on the beach in front of the house this morning feeding on salmon in the channels. A big mama bear and two large cubs were splashing and dipping amongst a whole flock of scrap-grabbing gulls. The gulls weren't even a bit afraid of the bears. I, on the other hand, did not walk Pearl there. We jogged the town loop after Morning Muscles instead. Speaking of town, how nice is that new pavement, and the improvements Mike Ward has made on Main Street?  I love the shingles. (Of course thanks to King's Store and the Fogcutter for beginning the trend down at one end, and Olerud's new store at the other and to Ira and Lenise for fixing up their lovely old buildings.) Now if Christine can just get the borough to ban plywood window coverings the old vacant Gross Alaska Video 144 building wouldn't be such an eyesore.




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