Mooseburgers, IPA, & Snow

It's a good thing the neighbors aren't too close or they would have heard us hollering last night. Then again the snowstorm probably would have muffled anything. Two weeks ago it was spring, today there's about two feet of heavy wet snow and it seems, it has been snowing for days. (It has, at least a week anyway.) Big Jack just came by with the loader and plowed us out. (His son Little Jack is no doubt busy as well. His son is named Tiny Jack, and he really is just a little toddler. The other Jacks are regular sized.) Where was I? Oh, the hollering. We had Tom, Linnus, Debra, and Paul and Jeanne over for mooseburgers and Paul's beer. (He's the Haines Brewing Company brewer and owner.) It has been a long winter, and once we got going there was so much yelling and interrupting that when Stoli's friend Abby arrived she thought we were fighting. Nope, we were just disagreeing, or agreeing, or trying to get our two cents in, on among other things, heli-ski regulations, helicopters, downtown beautification, planning and zoning, low income housing, teacher leave of absences, and high school basketball. Paul also lectured us on the health benefits of beer.  (Better for you than a bowl of Cheerios, even with the milk. IPA helps prevent colon and prostrate cancer- it's the hops, Paul says-- and you can live on stout.) The quieter moments involved Debra's trip to Hong Kong to visit her cousin Omar,  the car wreck in the snow on Cemetery Hill yesterday ( we hope the driver, a friend, is okay, and think she is)  and the news that Paul's wife Jeanne (she teaches a first and second grade combined classroom)  has won a Fulbright teacher's scholarship to Japan this summer. Her sister also won one, which makes the Kitayama girls a little like the Ahn Trio. How many families I wonder have two Fulbright Scholars?
As to the weather, it is good day to read The Maltese Falcon. The Chilkat Valley is reading (and celebrating)  it as part of the Big Read. Tonight, the Arts Council presents the Oscar nominated (and now the one which won) animated short films at the Chilkat Center. Cartoons for grown-ups. It should be fun.


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