September Day Post Card


Yesterday was one of those September days that used to me make me feel kind of homesick-- or at least that's the right feeling if not the proper word. The light and stillness, the yellow leaves and woodsmoke, boats in the harbor, last tourists looking around, the  bears and dead fish on the beach, the fading flowers. Maybe it's grandchildren, or maybe it's a young dog. Could be time passing, or even the way the sun shone through the clouds and then how the sky turned a gentle silver- gray, or maybe it was that funny scene when downtown was suddenly blanketed in thick smoke just as the tour ship was unloading-- a big pile of roots and stumps was being burned over by the fairgrounds and the light wind pushed the smoke over town where it settled-- One visitor asked me, in a Scottish accent, if there was a forest fire. But for whatever reason, this year September feels more like the beginning of something than the end, and that is a nice way to head into winter. In the meantime, the conversations at our house are all in moose hunting-ese. "Saw a 2X1," and, "There's 3 down now, 2 spike forks and a 3 brow tine."  And my new favorite, "Want to try tanning the hide in the bathroom? Here's an article on how to do it." On the radio this morning Talk Around Town returns for the winter. Debra and her guests will hopefully be speaking more plainly about bigger issues in the community, and of course, as she says, "stuff that matters." Tune in, and call in. It's always fun to listen to.


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