Off to Moose Camp With Full Pockets

Now that three seasoned outdoors folks  have had to spend the night on a log in the middle of the Chilkat River after their skiff  motor quit, then they were swept into a dead tree and it oveturned dumping them and its contents in the water and leaving them wet and cold all night until another moose hunter cruised by at what would have been breakfast time, I'm feeling pretty good about my bulky pants pockets. I have zip lock Baggies in two of them with chemical body and hand warmers, an energy bar, headlamp, space blanket, a knife, and a whistle. The bare minimum, I figure. The guys have teased me about my  worse case scenario habit (I used to carry a first aid kit too, but I was getting kind of loaded down, so now it is in my pack, which could be lost in a river accident, but oh well), anyway, this morning, as my husband was packing for our weekend of moose hunting, he put a similiar pouch in his pocket, along with a portable emergency locater device. Naturally, if you have all the safety stuff you won't need it, and the time you forget it you'll be shivering on that log. The good news is that the trio who did that are  all okay, and the odds of it happening again  just got a lot smaller. We are off to moose camp, wish us luck.



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