The Good News First


The good news is that we had a great time at a different tent camp on the mid-Chilkat River, where we spent three days (two sunny, one rainy) and saw lots of moose sign, a bull that was not legal, and a cow, and entertained company between the morning and evening hunts, thanks to hot tea and cookies.  It made me realize why those old New England farmhouses were always built right on the road. The original owners probably liked hearing the news from down the road, the same we enjoyed hearing the tales from up or down the river-- My guess is that in those days when a wagon or rider came by, they always stopped. Who would have imagined a day when hundreds of vehicles a day would speed past at 60 mph without so much as a wave from the driver? River life is like stepping way back in time, in the best kind of ways. Also, I did record a  commentary on moose hunting for KHNS as part of the Small Things Considered series, you may want to listen to.

Now the bad news. Yesterday morning my husband went out hunting without me, and shot an illegal bull-- 48 inches. He and his hunting partners were sure it was over 50 inches. That means the moose hunt is over for us. They did clean it and deliver the meat to Fish & Game, who gave it to the village of Klukwan where it will be shared and well-used, which is a consolation. Last night it was pretty quiet at our house. On the news there was a story about a study that proves women do suffer from broken hearts. We can even die from one. Men, the data showed, apparently can't, which is a good thing, because I know a guy who has one right now.


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