Let's Go Mimi


Best to keep it short this morning, as my little friend is running around the house in her underpants, breakfast is bubbling over, there's a wet dog on my bed, and the phone is ringing. We had a great salmon dinner and sent off the cross country team last night. Pray for safe travels as they drive in this storm up and over the pass 800 miles to Anchorage. This morning Pearl and I jogged around town in the hurricane, it's really wet out there, with fresh snow above 2700 feet. Maybe we should have stayed in bed a little longer instead. It's going to be an active day. Caroline just ran by again, she's doing laps with Thirty and Pooh Bear in the toy stroller ( Thirty cost 30 dollars, so we named her the Thirty Dollar Baby.) Pearl's in pursuit and Phoebe is hiding under the coffee table barking. Caroline says to tell you "Good morning", and "let's go Mimi."  I'm coming...


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