Reasons Not to Wear an iPod Running

Spring is the time of year I start thinking more about weird accidents. No doubt since I was run over by a truck on an otherwise lovely April morning on a quiet street in town. When my sister told me about a man killed in Central Park when a tree limb fell on him during a recent snowstorm, I told her I always look up when I'm snow shoeing. Not just for branches, but for the heavy clumps of snow dropping from them that we call treevalanches. Also, I never, ever, run with an iPod. The recent wolf attack in Chignik is a good reason to have your ears open. They say the teacher killed jogging may not have heard the wolves. And now this: an iPod wearing beach jogger in South Carolina was killed by an airplane making an emergency landing on a beach. He didn't hear the plane crashing into him.


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