At the Post-Op Hotel in Anchorage

 I have the Internet, public radio, a few good books, peanut butter, rice cakes, apples, Perrier and  a huge flat screen TV to watch the debate and the baseball game on, which is a long way of saying I'm as comfortable as I can be away from home and that this is why you haven't heard from me in a few days. (That, and I spent the weekend in Juneau with my school-teaching daughters before flying up to Anchorage.) I'm still dopey from the procedure meds-- nothing serious, just a little tune up on my legs. I've got more appointments over the next few days before getting back home Sunday, I hope. What with the med haze from this morning's operation, which took about two and a half hours, I better be brief, but I have to share this great kind of wow news. My doctor, John Coyle, is Dan Coyle's brother. Dan is a great writer, the author of Hardball, an Outside Magazine contributor, from an Alaskan family and still summers here-- but more timely-- and in one of those three degrees of separation moments-- he wrote the super cycling books about Tyler Hamilton and Lance Armstrong and the Tour, and is now co-author, with Tyler, of the just released book about  drugs and cycling and what the heck went terribly wrong---- It's so timely, and an issue I love to follow-- that I took this all as providence. Plus, since I wasn't completely sedated, it gave us lots talk about. I just wish I could remember some of it. 


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