It's a Busy Bird Week

On the radio this morning Tom reminded everyone  of what a busy "bird week" this is-- what with eaglefest followed so closely by Thanksgiving. (Good thing that old Ben Franklin didn't get his wish and make our national bird a turkey. Then we might be eating eagles.) The annual eagle festival is offering tours in the eagle preserve, and lots of neat lectures and presentations for guests and locals alike. Here's the full schedule. Our choir is singing Friday evening during the live owl and hawk demonstration, and on Saturday night the banquet features a really high flier-  astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who has walked on the moon. If that's not enough, the the annual Women's Club Holiday Bazaar is Saturday from 10-2 at  the school, at 2pm in Klukwan there's the unveiling of the Honoring Women Totem Pole at the ANS Hall, and from noon-4 on Saturday the Friends of the Library are decorating for the holidays and could use your help.  This evening (Thursday), there's another Community Matters discussion at the library at 4, the paper says 6 but it was changed so you can make it to choir practice or the terrific Wild and Scenic Film Festival with dinner at Harriett Hall, beginning at 5:30. There are also the only home volleyball games of the season on Friday at 7 and Saturday at 6pm -- choices, choices-- what do we all winter around here anyway? The tourists ask. Saturday night the new gym floor, funded thanks to Rep. Bill Thomas, will be dedicated. Speaking of the legislature,  we are still counting each vote and may be for a while. After nearly 2,000 absentee and question ballots were tallied this week TWO votes separate Bill Thomas and challenger Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, which no matter what side you are on, is pretty great. There are 168 or so outstanding possible votes (based on absentee requests) which they are waiting a little longer on, per the law.  No one in District 34  can say his or her vote doesn't matter.


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