Mornings Like This

Another high wind warning, it has been blowing pretty good most of November, and it's cold. But last night when I was falling asleep the wind seemed friendlier, and my room felt more like a cozy berth on a ship at sea, and so I slept deeply and later than usual. This is what I like most about mornings when I sleep in a little: the smell of the coffee and woodsmoke as my husband starts the pot and adds sticks to the coals in the stove, the sounds of the door opening and closing as the dogs go out,  the way Pearl bounds back upstairs and leaps on the bed, now that she can have a whole side to herself. I also like how this morning, when I brought the hens a bowl of warm mush and turned their light on, there were already three warm eggs in the nesting boxes. On mornings like this I feel embarassingly rich. 



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