Needing Nothing But Spring

My husband's hunting partner John just called. He calls every morning at about seven. When I picked up the phone he said, "Nice stinking day. There's a hell of a lot of snow out there." He didn't wait for me to reply. I could see for myself that there was a good two feet,  and it is still snowing. "I couldn't get out the front door," he said. "I had to go around the back. I just got plowed out yesterday, and now we have to do it again." He was laughing. "Where's the old man?" He asked, and I called my husband. Then John said he was spending a fortune on snow removal. "I could be buying guns or something."
Yesterday when the snow started piling up, I had to drive to the newspaper office. I called my neighbor to see if she needed anything. "I'm planting a rose bush in the basement and it's snowing," she said."I don't need anything except spring."
 I also did some more work on the website and blog, and now have a facebook fan page. I am terrible facebook-er. But my friend who helped me to do it says it will help you good facebookers read this while you are on facebook. For now, all I'm doing is linking the blog. I'm hoping that when J.J. gets home she'll agree to be my facebook secretary. Heck, she could write the next book.


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