Sunday's Thought

I've been banging around in the dark this morning thumbing through old notes and books of poems, hymnals, prayer books,  The Rule of Benedict, essays--  looking for a wise thought. There are a lot of writings on Advent, winter, solstice, solitude, Hanukkah,snow, ice, comfort, light. But everything my eyes land on seems too serious, too preachy, too, well, just too dark December-y. When all I really want to say is thank you. Maybe that's the best prayer there is. Thank you for all of it-- snow and fire and family and yesterday's bazaar and last night's play and  a hot cup of coffee before we go off to  light the second Advent candle in church this morning. (Candle, NOT calendar, as I apparently typo-ed last week, which at least made my Presbyterian friends laugh-- at intermission last night one said, "I thought, 'those Episcopalians know how to party'-- we only light a candle, you set the whole darn calendar on fire.") There are so many ways to light the darkness,  aren't there? 





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