Haiku A Day

I found this wonderful link to a great way not to be grumpy in March. Fellow Algonquin author Julia Alvarez, who lives in Vermont, wrote a Haiku a day to get through the manic month.  This may be a better approach than swearing at your snow shovel. Read them, and try writing one of your own.  I am not writing poems today, I have a column due for the Dispatch. It will be about last night's Democratic Party caucus in Haines (and via conference call throughout the Southeast, Alaska district.) The one thing that local Democrats agreed on, (okay, actually, there were more), was the need to show up at Borough Assembly meetings to support the candidates we elected and all things good in Haines.  The newly revitalized local Republicans are giving the Assembly the impression that the community is less enlightened than we really are. At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting the mayor confirmed that the Assembly often makes decisions based on who is in the audience. So, if you want good things for the community (like buying Picture Point maybe? And not putting a parking lot on the beach, and sprucing up Main Street) better start going, or at least making your thoughts known to the powers that be. Deb Vogt was elected District Chair, and am I very pleased to welcome Brooke Jaskey-Zuber (I hope I spelled that right) a 20 year-old Skagway woman as District Vice-Chair. How neat is that? Oh, we also had a healthy carrot cake to celebrate the health care bill's passage. Local Precinct officers are Chair Barbara Lewis and Vice-Chair Tim June.  


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