Merchants Won

 We didn't hear the game very well, since the reception on KINY ( a Juneau radio station) was like being in a rusty submarine in a hurricane with a howling pack of wolves. But the Haines team won. The Merchants are in the championship game tonight against Angoon. They beat Hydaburg last night 115-103. My son-in-law said they played much better, and it could have even been a bigger lead if they stepped up the defense. Baby Caroline, Sarah, and their dog Madi are spending the weekend, since we are the only ones home. Chip is skiing at the Buckwheat and Brian is at Gold Medal. Eliza is on her way back from Hawaii, Christian is snowboarding at Mt. Baker, JJ is in Amsterdam, and Stoli's at college in Anchorage. There's no place I'd rather be right now than right here about to fix breakfast for Sarah. The best part is that if we need more clothes or diapers I can jog over to their house to get some. I probably will leave them tonight for a few hours to see the play. I've heard it's great. (7pm at the Chilkat Center). 


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